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Michael Minella

Hello and thank you for visiting! I'm Michael. Father, husband, friend, geek, and photographer. I love the Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, am a Northern Illinois grad and just love new experiences.

My journey into photography began as a child. My father owns an old Minolta camera (it's older than I am) that was completely manual unlike today's high tech gadgets. I'm still trying to get him to let me have it ;)

Since those early days, my photography has evolved from simple snapshots, to landscape pictures such as this or this, to the photography I spend most of my time taking today, which is of families like yours. Capturing those special moments in memorable ways.

The type of photography I love is impromptu. I want to catch moments as they happen for real. That moment when you look into your loved one's eyes. That surprise laugh. Those are the moments that make life special. I just want to be there to capture them. I shoot 100% on location as to not only be able to have your family be comfortable in your surroundings, but also to be as natural as possible.


Having photos taken is not part of your daily routine. It takes time for you to prepare clothes choices, obtain haircuts, etc. It's an investment by both you and me to do a shoot. It's because of this that I believe in not charging a session fee.* I only want you to spend your money if you are happy with what we produce together. I'm confident that a shoot together will be fun, engaging, and memorable. It's the only way to create images that illustrate that.

Again, thank you for visiting! Please feel free to contact me via my contact information below to discuss your booking.

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